• Akropolis Restaurant

    The simplicity of great service and hospitality

  • AKROPOLIS...a typically authentic Greek taverna

    For more than three decades,The 'AKROPOLIS' in Kriopigi has become one of the best-known restaurants in Halkidiki

  • Akropolis Greek Night ...

    Greek dancing, Plate smashing, Bouzouki music!!!

  • Akropolis Greek Taverna

    A family run business, we welcome children of all ages.

  • Akropolis Saturday Night !!!

    Saturday Night IS... 'GREEK NIGHT' !!

A Warm Welcome To The 'AKROPOLIS' Restaurant. Kriopigi

"AKROPOLIS" Restaurant !!

-Ioannis and Eleni Manolas with their sons, founded the "Akropolis” restaurant as "Sakis" in late 1979 early 1980 and after running a small taverna in the old village centre. maller than the current restaurant, Mama Eleni, began to use her culinary skills and old Greek menus to provide mouth-watering dishes for her customers and soon it was the "place to eat" in Kriopigi for locals and tourists alike.

- Assisted by their sons to start with and a few y ears later by Margareta, Sakis’s  wife and their grandchildren  Ioannis, Eleni,Loukas and Marina, the oungest one of the four Sakis’s and Margareta’s children, it went from strength to strength.
- A complete revamp in the early nineties with the new "Akropolis" logo saw it's popularity soar to new heights made Akropolis”  a place in  where you can eat or drink in a relaxed  comfortable setting and friendly atmosphere.
 -Regular music nights, special Greek nights, (see our special events page for details)  prompt and efficient service and of course, the excellent array of dishes, made from fresh and local ingredients  ensure it's continuing popularity.
-As a family run business,  we  welcome children of all ages.
Sakis, Margareta, Ioannis, Eleni, Loukas, and Marina  Manolas, wishing you an unforgettable holiday and we are delighted to be able to welcome you to our restaurant. Yiammas !!!

The Simplicity of Great Service and Hospitality